Our Colorado Baptist Disaster Relief teams are on the ground in Boulder County and have begun feeding efforts for those who have been affected by the Marshall Fire. A Disaster Assistance Center has been set up in Lafayette joined by a semi-truck feeding unit and teams are providing 3 meals a day to the evacuees.

Dennis Belz, our CBDR State Director, has already received job requests for cleaning up ash and other damage caused by the fires. As the needs continue to be assessed, these requests will grow in number as well as the expanse in which our Disaster Relief teams will be needed.

These efforts will be ongoing for the next several months as Colorado Baptists Disaster Relief work to bring help, hope, and healing to those who have been affected. We invite you to respond and help in the following ways:


We ask that you would first and foremost, pray. Pray for all of those who have lost their earthly possessions due to these fires. Pray for the first responders who have not stopped helping the community since the tragedy began. Pray for our Disaster Relief teams who are working tirelessly to show and model the love and hope that is found in Christ. Pray for the eternal impact that we believe God will orchestrate in the midst of such tragedy.


Many are looking for ways in which to tangibly respond to the efforts in Boulder County. One of the most direct ways you can help is to give monetarily to Colorado Baptists Disaster Relief. Your donations will go directly to on-the-ground efforts that are already in motion and will bless the lives of those in need. Please visit the following link and choose ‘give’ from the main menu. We thank you in advance for your contributions!

You can also send a check to the following address: 10390 Bradford Rd, Littleton, CO 80127


From initial damage assessment to welcoming residents back into their homes, Disaster Relief volunteers are the first on the scene and the last to leave. We would ask that you would prayerfully consider signing up to become a team member and bring help, hope, and healing to those here in Colorado as well as across the nation. For more information and/or to begin the process of becoming a Disaster Relief team member, please visit ColoradoDR.org.