The Benefits of Camp at Ponderosa

Excerpts taken from “What is the value in attending a Christian camp?”, Got Questions?

#1 Intense and extensive exposure to the Word of God. Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the bible is living and powerful. A typical day at Ponderosa Camps will have personal and group devotions, twice-a-day worship, scripture memory, and repeated use of the Word of God (Colossians 3:16).

#2 Opportunity to observe and learn from godly mentors (sponsors, speakers, staff). This is an immeasurable thing! Having influences outside of parents allows students to discern who to trust and listen to for advice. Mentors are also able to model Christian disciplines and display God-centered living (I Corinthians 11:1).

#3 Camps are supported by the local church. This structure ensures that the leaders hear and experience camp with them, also go home with them, providing adults that can continue to build on lessons learned and disciple and mentor students weekly.

#4 Things that are ABSENT at Christian camp… like TVs, social media, computers, video games, etc. These can be distractions that serve to busy the mind and keep young people from focusing on deeper questions of life (Ephesians 2:3). The absence of these things gives campers time to ponder the Word in a deeper way and be surrounded by God’s creation, an environment that naturally turns our minds to Him and away from the world.

#5 Campers learn how to interact again. They are often broken into teams or discussion groups, which brings out different character qualities, forces leaders to emerge, and requires verbal communication – which kids may not use on a daily basis anymore. Within this unique and temporary community, they can walk away more confident in who God is and how he has created them.

#6 Camp also broadens one’s circle of fellowship. For many campers, they meet new faces, keep in touch, and may find a lifelong friend or even a future spouse.

#7 Most importantly, God uses Christian camping to call nonbelievers to salvation, believers to confession of sin (James 5:16), and others to full-time vocational ministry!

#8 The Power of Camp Study. This study, done in 2018 throughout Christian Camps in America, show the following measurable results:

  • 51% of parents said their campers returned home “nicer or more pleasant to other family members”
  • 44% of campers said they want to spend more time in nature since returning home
  • 48% of campers strongly agreed they feel more confident in themselves since returning home
  • 71% of campers strongly agreed their faith was strengthened

Take advantage of these benefits by sending your kids to camp at Ponderosa!